Working Unicorn Slime Cooking Generator

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What is this Unicorn Slime Cooking Game? 

Working Unicorn Slime Cooking Generator

Unicorn Slime: Cooking Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, Created by Shake It. These days, it has gone through several iterations from the programmers – Shake It, using the most recent present version being 2.8 that was formally published on 2020-02-14.

As a testament to the program’s prevalence or lack thereof, it’s accumulated a total of 48,913 Reviews to the Apple App Store independently, using an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible five stars.

This game is very popular among kids who are smart, curious and intelligent. It is best for kids who love slime and follow instructions to cook it virtually. This game requires that you understand the methods of cooking slime, follow all the rules and play each level while collecting coins to move forward in the game.

As the name suggests, you have to cook unicorn slime which honestly is a lot of fun if you have a lot of coins. So, start playing the game as a winner and use our Unicorn Slime coin generator to be on the leader list. Good Luck on your game!



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Working Unicorn Slime Cooking Generator

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What are the features of the Unicorn Slime Cooking Game? 

Unicorn Slime Cooking Game Hack

Here is a basic list of all the features which are in the game.

– A very exciting and super fun DIY slime cooking game with hundreds of CRAZY SLIMES!
– Unicorn Chef updates the game with new slimes every month, so keep up!
– Hundreds of real and virtual DIY tools.  Enhance your playtime like bowls, spoons, spatulas, measuring cups, food masher, plates, store boxes, needle tubing. Also, use other interesting tools as you advance in the game more.
– Multiple variations of uber-cool slimes(DIY)

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Here are some tips and advantages to starting playing Unicorn Slime like a PRO!

– Always go with interactive controls to play the game, it is far better to control.
– Yes, this is obvious. But please carefully follow all the recipes to make the slimes, it will make a change on your gameplay.
– Try mixing variations of ingredients and experiment. Always try to create the unique flavour and colour of your slimes, this will get you to level up a lot faster.
– DO NOT forget to decorate the slimes you have made with beautiful sprinkles, glitters, and unicorn toys to get more coins.
– Always remember to store the slime into your storeroom or your refrigerator, after all, you do not want it to get spoiled!
– Main point! After making the edible slimes, like Nutella or bubblegum, always eat those slimes to trigger the rainbow magic feature. Yes, it always works, you just have to eat it as soon as it is made and not store it in the storeroom or the refrigerator.


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Directions to successfully make your own Unicorn Slime in the game

  1. Start by using a bottle of Elmer’s School Glue to the bowl material.
  2. Now, start adding half teaspoon of baking soda and stir until combined.
  3. After this, add one drop of food colouring to the mixture and stir.
  4. Subsequently, pour in one TBSP contact solution and stir.
  5. Following this, if the slime remains sticky, you can generously sprinkle some more contact solution to the outside of it.
  6. Finally, repeat with all of the colours you have to make a rainbow slime and win the game!

To get unlimited coins, start using our Unicorn Slime Cooking Game Hack and make the most of the game. Happy gaming!